Marketing That Creates Long Term Relationships

How To Attract Your Ideal Clients so they are Predisposed to Sign Up For Your Highest Value Services - No Matter What You Charge

  • Discover why traditional marketing doesn't work

    The marketing we have grown up with is actually wrong for professional services and actually repels clients rather than attract them

  • Marketing is like courtship not seduction

    Build a relationship with clients using fundamental human relationship building principles

  • How to use six elements to court clients

    Attract clients in a way that is authentic and leads to an increasingly inevitable conclusion - buying your services.

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Previously Only Available to Platinum Clients

Get access to this training session that I ran for my platinum level clients.  Understanding the concepts I revealed in this session has created major advances in the way my clients and I create our systems to attract clients.


What I reveal in this training has the potential to make your competitors irrelevant because you will develop relationships with your ideal clients before they even start looking for a professional service provider.

Greg Roworth

CEO at Business Flightpath

Thank you for another amazing day Greg. Breakthrough is the word that comes to mind, and I think everyone in the room came away with new insights, learnings and a new understanding of not only what is required to drive our businesses forward, but what is possible. Thank you to everyone in the room for your generosity with sharing your knowledge and also sharing your fears. Greg, you seem to go to a new level each time we have these days - congratulations. I think the teacher is always learning. Looking forward to the next Mastermind day.

Suzanne Glendenning

Quantum Results Coaching

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