For Owners of Professional Service Firms with a Team of

5 - 20 Whose Turnover Has Plateaued

Cracking the Code

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How to break free of from being stuck in the centre of your business - to growing your business at the

strategic level.

You were the owner of a professional services firm with 5-to-20 employees that saw steady growth for quite some time. Then it stopped. You plateaued.


Don’t feel too bad, it happens to many good companies, but there is a difference between a good company and a great one. You’re looking for your company to be great, right?

  • Understand the biggest hurdle to breaking through to that next level

  • Discover the fatal flaw that will keep you working too hard for too little

  • Learn how to reignite that fire and passion you had when you started building your business

  • Systemize the process of developing your team into better, more independent performers.

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